Friday, January 18, 2008

Singapore, Jan'08 (and more,anyone?)

Some confusion on why my final presentation was in Singapore, not Bangkok so I'll clear it up here.
I'm registered under SAE Singapore, but considered an "exchange student" in SAE Bangkok. My degree will come from Middlesex Uni, U.K.


So Sarah and I were off to Singapore to stay with Nani her funny orange-juice grandma. (Sarah, she didn't say 'orange juice' even ONCE!!wow)
When we got there, Sarah found houseclothes to wear to sleep - look at what she made me wear-_-'
haha. Here's Nani giving her Another Boy Talk - it had two particular S names in it, hilarious.
and Sarah got all shyshy during the discussion lol
("no no don't take picture now la!so ugly wear like this..")

Second day after my class..

3rd day before I started to do my work for the day, i went round Nani's house taking snapshots of her olde things..

..while Sarah was of course, sleeping.. notice how she's taking up the EntireKingSizeBed? ekekeoh oh, we had planned to streak our hair in singapore..the plan failed thanks to the lack of bleach.rar.The night before we left, we went to Lee Yen's house for dinner - she made lasagne, yumyumyum..we also had an EnlighteningChat. Somehow Lee Yen has always provided inspirational chats in my life la (remembering the on-the-way-to-Klang-chat YEARSSss ago)I um...*shy but not really* wanted to make a face that suited the teeshirt, but away?Oh, the morning we left, Sarah insisted we have McD's pancakes for breakfast. It was quite good, but I wish I'd taken a pic of TheMadPigeons instead! HAHAhahhAHHA or at least sarah's face when one of them hopped onto my last pancake..
Before I could say "Singapore isn't That bad after all", we were leaving on the bus again where Sarah amused herself with Finding Nemo -_- so noisy okay she chuckle chuckle giggle squirm..She was super uber happy to be back in KL she called eevvverryoonee to say she was back
(while I sulked about my stupid phone which would die if i did the same)oh who am i kidding - i was SOOOO happy to be back with my new freedom!!!!!!

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