Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Post Inspired by Your Birthday/C'mas/New Year Pictures

haha. random. A few things I'd like to mention.

1. Theme parties. YES OH YESSSS..I love seeing people getting all dressed up in different themes - it really brings out some truer colors ahahahhaahh

Theme: "Christmas Characters Gone Wrong"

2. Soft toys. Please. No. They're cute, I might ooh ahh about it, but really, what am I gonna do with it when it starts giving me an itchy nose? Besides, it's way beyond time to grow out of those, no?

3. Spending special days with your few favorite friends: YES. I think when you get older, what used to be confirm-major-partaayyy days soon become *drumroll* simpler memorable get-togethers *drum cymbal crash*

4. Did-I-do-that moments...No thanks, I'll pass those. hahahha

5. Little moments of bliss, a day of sheer joy - anytime.

ok this is turning out longer than i thought it'd be. i shall end the list here. nite nite!


Anonymous said...

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