Monday, January 07, 2008

And with this vow...

... no lah, this is not about weddings at all.=D
it's about acceptance.
I think it's really sad when one decides that they can't accept someone just "cause....cause...*wince* Yknow...??"
If there's a good reason, then fine. Say it, move on. Ultimately, it's still my choice whether to accept/reject your opinion. (just like it's yours to accept/reject mine. hee)

I guess my point here is that I really don't like it when people diss or brush off one of my good friends.
I sayang all my close friends a lot, ok. and I won't tolerate statements that are not backed up.

if you're not even remotely close to the defendant.
Just zip up lah, please. Don't gimme that face.
Thank you.
And now all prissy little heads may afflict yourselves with paranoia wondering oooh what/when/who is she talking about???

Oh and while we're at it, to she-who-always-tsktsktsk's-at-celebrity-downfalls-like-they're-such-sinners:

We're the same. Shuddup.

Moving on to happier things.

I declare tomorrow will be a good day.

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