Thursday, January 24, 2008


aiyahhh didn't take enough pictures!!!!

I made some new friends at Curve yesterday but NOt a single picture (i have no idea why)..cheik.
Anyway, after that I met PeppermintPatty for NZN yummm..

for those who just went "NZ..who??"
Yummy ice cream. Go Try.
Dang it, I think we should start ordering clothes from Far Away Places to avoid catching ourselves standing in front of someone with the SAME shirt..potongsial.
But I do <3 the Little Miss stuff. I used to read the series when I was Oh shush.
The Chay doing the Fake Friendster pic thing lol!

K Now I shall wait for the ACTUAL Pics we took from the Syiok Camera. AHEM AHEM.

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