Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Labyrinth

So what's it gonna be?
I thought about it again. Maybe I should listen to Hannah's advice. Take it up, girl, you never know.
But what if..? No, no, this is crazy.

You never know.

I took a step forward.
The second step with a little more courage.
Quietly repeating the process to myself so I wouldn't mess up.
Another step.
Then I saw it. Right there under the sunlight. Four ominous cracks in the planks.
Pressing my fingertips hard on the old marks, I realized I didn't wince as much anymore.
I looked at the cracks again.
I couldn't tell if they were just on the surface or went right through the wood.
I inched forward. The fear clotted and I nearly froze up with one foot on the first crack.
Swallowing, I chanted the process in my mind again.
After the bridge, take the second left. Wait for the lights.
Wait for the lights.

Wait for the lights. HAH!
You never even saw the second left. Complete oblivion.

"But but.."


"The first crack held!"

You don't know that for sure. You stepped over them like they were mere leaves.

"What else could I do??"


Wait for the lights. I'd repeated it so many times.
It's strange how one light can outshine another just by being closer to you.
Like illusions. Concentrate on the white dot in the middle. Does the line on the left appear longer now?

Yeah. So what you gonna do about those three cracks up there?
I steal a glance at them.
They play games with me - one second
inconspicuous, other times large and deathly.
A part of me suddenly wants to run back. No, I want to stay.
Another quick urge to run back.

But to what? What's back there that's safer than here?

I'm staying.


P.S. NT2 wasn't as detailed/exciting as the first. But then again, what do I know. =D

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joni lynne said...

pics stolen from flickr. heh.