Wednesday, May 09, 2007


That was the theme at Brando and Kevan's recent birthday bash. So with a little unease at having to wear the bloating-color, I dressed up with Bernice and Eunice at their home, and we headed to Tropicana. Our arrival was announced by MC Jiggie, and a camera clicked in our faces, but I have yet to receive those pictures. =D We arrived at about 10:35pm (transport issues), had some food, played some booty-shaking games, and then just about everyone had a turn to squish up on the dance floor. It's been awhile since I've gone to a dance party, so I had fun.=) I especially missed dancing this week after watching Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights (which is pretty sexy, btw)
Here's Kevan with his perfect girlfriend Khing Wei - the one with the beautiful rainbow eyes. Kevan turned 19. And Brando, the kid who used to run around asking me what my name was and then naming me Jonanananannananaaaaa, turned 16 this year. Here's to an AWESOME year ahead, good memories, and minimal hangovers. *clink*

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