Monday, May 21, 2007

30 Random Things I Love

1. I love being kissed on the forehead.

2. I love looking at old/new photos.

3. I love to try new/ambitious/challenging things.

4. I love to dress up.

5. I love exploring.

6. I love watching friends perform on-stage.

7. I love receiving random sms-es.

8. I love finding clothes that fit perfectly physically and financially.

9. I love staying up all night.

10. I love being able to hold my alco. (erheh)

11. I love having a wonderful dream and REMEMBERING it the next morning, so that I can share it with Pet or Sarah.

12. I love to eat.

13. I love Maybelline's Volum Express TurboBoost waterproof mascara and Fruity Jelly lip gloss.

14. I love the career path I'm on.

15. I love talking to one person, in a moving car, with no particular destination in mind. (sorry,Pet, I know you mentioned this too)

16. I love making people laugh.

17. I love meat.

18. I love jazz bars, and being familiar with a few.

19. I love it when guys have a piercing that actually looks good on them.

20. I love picturing the future.

21. I love having enough credit to make just-saying-hello calls.

22. I love good massages.

23. I love discovering I have more money than I thought I had.

24. I love the concept of interdependence; but I also love independence.

25. I love eating ice cream with Sarah, and watching movies with Pet in her house, and getting Arielle presents she can use.

26. I love discovering my attempted cooking is edible.

27. I love being manja-ed by someonesomeone.

28. I love cheesecake. (yea, had to throw some regulars in this list)

29. I love trying out new musical instruments.

30. I love having a heckload of music and knowing which songs you'd like to hear.

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