Friday, May 04, 2007

Featuring...Pt. IV : Sexy Lucia.

So I had four days of class last week in Bangkok, and no, while I have nothing much to say about that, I do wanna show you who I stayed with.
Introducing Lucia, the beautiful Thai girl who let me stay with her in her pretty room for the week.

You may wipe that drool off now, pleasethankyou. But yeah, she was a real sport, and I had a good time staying with her, both of us keeping each other company ..I shall refrain from Moving on,The white chick in the pic above is Kristina who is another character of her own. I love this picture, it's got so many potential titles. Lucia named it "Ragdolls". I'd put something a lil darker, though. heheh I love their expressions!
Oh did I mention she dances and sings too?
here's a good one of the mini Lucia @ Pompeii. Another beauty. If only it was a little clearer..
Lucia, pretty Thai girl, contains complex infrastructure of the female mind and isn't afraid to speak out, studies in prestigious Chulalongkorn University of Thailand, lived in Italy for six years, will make you eat her coffee-flavored jellybeans. =)

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PEtriNa said...

Damn, She's so prettyyyyyyyy.

Summore can dance and sing.