Sunday, May 13, 2007

A sucky week.

I want to say something happening, or nice, or sweet, but all I have is a heckload of disgusting mucus up my nose, a swollen throat, and my insides are aching. in more ways than one.

I don't think I'll even try to describe my week. It was so mentally disturbing, unexplainable and downright sucky.
Firstly, with no apparent reason, I woke up on Thursday to discover that all my music had disappeared from my laptop.


Every single audio file I had, including personal recordings, live recordings, unreleased music collected from artist friends.
Even if it WAS a virus, though I seriously doubt it, how can 2,850 files=24GB just disappear like that?! and ONLY my MUSIC folder!

I don't get it.
My precious music, please come baaaackkkkk.

Then, the weather caught up with me and I developed a swollen throat, the type where swallowing anything hurts. Then it was a slight fever. Then it was a runny RUNNY nose. That's the stage it's at right now. Feverish runny nose dry cough. *sniff.swallow.yuck*

And the biggest issue of the week - people. I hadn't even recovered from That One Incident a week ago, and already another has topped it. Ok, there won't be explicit gory details here. But I'll try an abstract, as usual.
Let's say we're all playing an extremely complicated version of Monopoly. Well, I just made a bad move/investment/buy. And it's one of those where your next move is gonna bring you down. No matter what move you make.
I learnt my lesson the very hard way this time. God, I won't do that ever again. I want to make me better.

I need medicine. Or a magic clock.
At least so far I can use the physical sickness as an excuse for the emoness/lacklusterness/lack of friendliness. It helps prevent questions I don't wanna answer.
Although, at the same time, I want to just GET OUT of the house coz I can't stand having all the space to THINK AND THINK AND THINK. That's why I went out today and stayed out despite the awful flu.

Ok I'm done. If I saw you today, and you catch the flu bug from me, I'm so sorry!
Remember my weird fact about smelling my hair for comfort? I can't even do that now coz my nose is stuffed!! ugh.

with burning eyeballs,

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PEtriNa said...

Hope the doctor has healed your rashes...

If only there was a doctor for every type of pain. heh...