Monday, May 07, 2007

Who shaped your thoughts?

A friend of mine recently posted this up and I wanted to share it:

What does society value, if anything at all? How I wonder. Is it true that morals are deteriorating? Or simply a notion put in our faces by self appointed 'police' ? The universe is a large large space.. perhaps the concept of relativity is inescapable after all, even to those who would deny it. What separates 'good' from 'evil' , 'justice' from 'injustice'. According to Socrates, justice is wisdom and injustice is vice. So do we group justice with good, and injustice with bad? While certainly Sunday school answers are ingrained into our consciousness..have we ever stopped to ponder why? Who shaped our minds? Who decides what 'society' is, functions as, and concerns itself with? Who made up 'morals'? No.. Of course I believe it is still right to do right.. but we must constantly question the world around answers and push for them when it is withheld. So what is 'right'?


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Jerusha said...

sure anytime u want. fine by me. hope ya feeling better now.. cares.
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