Saturday, February 24, 2007


but anyway, I have a question.
as usual, it's random.

Is it more brutal to be "brutally honest" online (blog, MSN, email, etc.) or face-to-face (mamak, office, college, church, etc.)?

I dunno, this just popped in my head after reading the headline from someone's blog. I don't even know who it is, really. heh.
But no, really, would it suck if the whole world could read about what you didn't like in someone, even if you don't mention their name?

But then, would one be more affected if an opinion/truth/fact was stated to one's face?

Mention of the day: What pretty lamp-chandeliers.. *smiles to self as some people say "you weirdo."*


Bern_bern said...

It's brutal to be "brutally honest" both ways. But i think it's better to go face-to-face. It won't be fair for the other party is he/she was talked about without knowing. Yes, it would brutally damage someone if he/she was talked about even without knowing,sooner or later will suspect it's them. It's just rude to do so i think. Truth right smack in the face wld hurt, but it'll only last for awhile. Truth about someone,mentioned to the whole wide world but that person will leave a damage that will last forever.
And..why do you keep saying you're a weirdo?

flyindance said...

well...since you chanced to visit a stranger's blog like mine..and since im the one guilty of having the tag, "brutally honest about everything"...

heh... perhaps you should ask me what i mean by being brutally honest about everything. For me, "brutal" would mean being frank and honest about things, people, issues and etc that warrant a response from us who are in the world/society wherever we are.

I am a supporter of both. I am honest in person and online. There's no point if I'm honest with someone in person, but when I blog online I can't be frank enough to reveal my opinions there.

Most of the time, if I do blog about something or someone, when I am honest... there's no way I would do any damage to their would be called "identity assination". I wouldn't want to be guilty of that at all!

Heh...just my take. BTW, nice blog ;)