Thursday, February 15, 2007

21st December 2006.

Got the pictures. Got the video. Finally. Here we go.
The theme was Formal With An Odd Thing.
Hence the following attire: ArielleIsSoCuteLarrr.
Pet is wearing an apron. Arielle Jesterhead. Sarahtryingtobepretty.
Mother wore formal with a pacifier earring. (oh man,she would SO kill me if she read that I'm calling her Mother ahahhhaa)
Dad wore formal too, with these AWFUL SOCKS as his odd thing. I never knew there could be "gaudy socks" but it's been proven.

Jon wore these goggles.
Justin wore this.
As you can tell, the most popular "odd thing" was hat, cap, and the likes.

Darren Ashley, the mastermind of the party,inhouse guitarist. He wore a chef hat as his odd thing.wonder where he got it from...
We had a few activities including.....Dancing.... but I think the guys were scared to dance with the girls coz they were doing weird stunts...

Then we played a Piggy game..that was rather amusing..Of course there was food..
... and cakeS. [which were all really good, of course]
..and strange decorations with even stranger meanings behind them (as the rest must have thought..ahhahaha)
..and we had pretty swirls from the ceiling. HowCanYouNotLoveMeSarah is demonstrating our view of the swirls..

Everybody was supposed to make a page to put into this book...
Sarah was upset that I didn't give a proper "OooOh...wAaahhh" when I turned to her page, so I said we'd try the reaction again...

Ask me if you wanna see it.It's got ...well, some interesting pictures.

We spiked some of the drinks...
And then of course, we had the standard posing...
Overall, I had a really good time...Thanks again to all involved!!*clink*
I'm sure y'all had fun too!haha. good times.

Yup. Oh , after that some of us sardin-ed in a car and headed to KL..
The End.


PEtriNa said...

doing some bra adjusting, i see.. hahah... (in the second video towrds the end.)

btw, Britney shaved her head bald.

*joni* said...

ahha, ya i tried to cut it out of the vid, but....aihh..

she what? hahaha don't ppl go thru that stage at like, 14rs old?did you see her hooker hangout night?[this is a random conversation]