Sunday, February 18, 2007

Where Is Joni?

I bet you're all sick of Joni being in Malaysia Thailand Malaysia Thailand,no Malaysia. Well, yeah but I can't help my circumstances. 'sides, I kinda like jostling around. Gives an edge to life.
But for the record, because I know I will be asked a frillion times from this day on, here are some quick FAQs.

Where do you live now?
Mostly Malaysia, but I travel to Bangkok for classes which are about a week per month.

My research project is based in KL. It's cheaper to live in KL and travel to Bangkok now and then.

How long more?
If nothing goes wrong, I will be done with my Bachelor's Degree in Recording Arts by Dec '07/Jan '08.

Do you prefer living in Bangkok or KL?
Both have elements that I love.

What is your project?
Songwriting&Co-producing a Musical.

And with that,
Glad to be back.

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PEtriNa said...

Nice shoes. Your's ah?