Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Call me SimonCowell.

Today I'm compromising a little vow I made to myself about my blog. Most of you don't need to read this.

You know,I don't believe in telling lies to make people feel better about themselves. Especially if I think they can handle the truth without jumping off a building.
If my opinion is asked, I'll give you MY OPINION.
Especially if it's something worth telling the truth for.

I'd rather not be asked for an opinion if I have to filter out the truth.
I'd rather not pretend.
I'm despised for it alot. I try to be tamer.

The only reason I've been filtering out a lot of my opinion to ___ _______ is because of S. I don't want her to have to hear any **** on my behalf.
I do want to see success. I do want the best to show. But it won't happen if all that's said is nice-to-hear. This world isn't gonna be nice to you.

So the way I see it,
you have two choices.
1. You can ask my opinion and listen to it with the knowledge that I do have your best interests in mind.
2. Don't ask my opinion.

Thank you.

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