Monday, April 14, 2008

You know how sometimes...

you think about something you wish for in life.
you imagine how it would be if you got your wish.
how things would look, feel, sound like.
then one day, you realize you have no idea if it really did happen in the end.
or if you had merely imagined it so realistically that you began to believe it was true.
and you get utterly confused?

You know how sometimes...
you take a chance and tell the truth,
then the truth bites back,
and you can't step back,
and you can't push through?

You know how sometimes...
things slow down to a heart-stopping beat.
and you don't know what to think anymore.
and somewhat clear turns somewhat blurry,
and nobody tells you what to say?

You know how sometimes...
everything is just too much
and not enough?

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JoannaFT said...

echoes last sentence