Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I had an awesome/mad/busy weekend and here's Some proof:

It begins with what they called a Wacom thingamie..
and a game of onscreen-pictionary:this is for the word "studio"..Next up was Cat's Got Your Tongue,
where Pet was a FunkColored Soul, I was Wednesday Addams, and Sarah a fairy.we also had bubbles, balloons, streamers, sparkers!

oh and a baby pool too! ahahahh
super colorful happyjoyjoy fun!
and then my first trip into *jengjengjeng* the SMART Tunnel, woooThennnn, we had Monash's Street Carnival where Bus Co performed.

But we had to endure many other bands first la..
this is NagaMerah (translate) playing and causing my parents to..........give this face. (posernyaaa)
but really, Bus Co's set was awesome. Check the vids in their Youtube for a rough idea of what went down at Monash.
Signing someone's guitar..chewahh...
Thennnnnnnn, we celebrated mr.hairvl's birthday..
at some nice lil cubhole in TTDI that I never knew existed.

Here's the gross concoction of apple-concentrate,chocolate cake, and beer...

..for whoever lost this game.I also had My First Jamming Session with a band but was shy to take pictures. hee.
and there were more activities la, but not captured on cam. =)
80s' night and camp coming up, WEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee

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JoannaFT said...

an 80s night? whoaaaaa that is so rockiiiiiing.
we had one on my DTS in YWAM Brissy.80s DANCE and all.
dang i miss crazy nights like that!

looking fwd to ur pics from THAT :D

p.s how was camp?