Thursday, April 03, 2008


I feel a strange sadness when I hear that race is still an issue with some people. I mean, ok you all hear me say I'm racist, blah blah blah, but I dunno la - when I hear of ACTUAL race-issues, it just makes me sad.
Like how Arie used to get biting words from the NZ-ers in the car next to her.
I mean, maybe you think I'm contradicting myself, but it's one thing to joke about racism and it's a whole other thing to YELL insults on a street at a foreigner who didn't even look at you.
It's a whole other thing when you break two people up based on their race.
Like how her father disapproves because he's not Chinese and therefore is unacceptable.


What IS THE big deal???
I don't get it.
Maybe it doesn't apply to me coz I'm mixed.
I just don't. get. it.
Someone please explain.
I think we should be free to mix 'n' match, like this yummy soft-serve.

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