Friday, November 04, 2005

Miracles and randomage by color.

It really amazes me everytime. I mean, I know I wasn't prepared for the quiz today. But somehow I made it. And for the first semester exam, I made it too. I even got third in class, kicking some guys' butts. It's shocking, I dunno how I managed it. But I'm grateful. Today is Raya, as Fahmi [the malay dude in class] told me. How did one month of fasting go so fast?? I thought he just started fasting last two weeks?? Anyway, so halfway in class, I just blurted out ,"By the way, today is Fahmi's Christmas, guys, so everybody say Se-la-mat Ha-ri Ra-ya to him." To my surprise, ALL the guys obediently turned to Fahmi and followed after me with the Selamat Hari Raya. It was cute beyond cute. I was so tickled by it. *chuckle* My Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants dvd not workinggggg *whine*. I thought caffeine doesn't work on me. Today it proved itself to be what they say it can be. Coz I thought I wasn't gonna make it through class after the late study night I had. So I attempted caffeine. An OVERDOSE of caffeine, since it kononnya doesn't work on me,right? Wrong. Apparently, a little coffee doesn't affect Joni, but if you add 2 spoons more to a 3-in-1, she gets ultra fidgety/hyper/shaky/excited/gila/giggly/jittery. And so I was. It was crazy; Mario asked what drug I took,okay. *chuckle* The hyperness is worn off now, although I'm still awake. Actually, I kinda like some of Charlotte Church's new songs. She's totally changed image AND genre. I thought I'd hate it, even though I've been expecting it to happen sooner or later. But strangely, her pop is hooking on me. Hm. And I wanna sing more and more these days. Joss Stone lah! I wanna sing like her. Which makes me sing along with her songs and repeat them until I can follow properly. Which makes me realize I didn't finish my vocal class properly and then I wish I can. And I've been performing on a few occasions at different meetings, including a different district, Pattaya, and not been satisfied with them. Someone recently told me I'm a perfectionist in certain areas. The topic at that time was my singing. I won't sing onstage randomly unless I KNOW for sure I'm capable of a 100% good job. And that if I could only give 98%, I wouldn't do it. And that if I overcame that hurdle, it would hard to get me offstage after that. And I realized that this is so true. I DO refuse to go onstage unless I'm sure I will do good. And I also realize that you'll have to drag me off once I'm on a roll. I'm not used to performing, but I really DO love to sing. But really, can you imagine me onstage performing for real? Seriously? Hm.


Bern said...

yeay!!you're blogging again..been waiting..hehe:) It's good to be a perfectionist sometimes, but not all the time tho. Giving a 100% is fully a YES YES when it comes to stage presentation...but on the other hand, we learn from the mistakes we make and it's fun to take risks sometimes. I always know you were 'cut out' for stage presentations..(even how much you're gonna oppose that).you just know how to express a song in it's own meaning. I feel this is just the beginning or a stepping stone for more to come ahead of you. God's gonna use you mightily girl, only if you'll allow Him to. YOu're a miracle!

Petriiiiiiiiiiiiina said...

haha.. woman! of course i can see you performing on stage! i think the whole world can, except you.. you just need to believe in yourself.


ahaha... ok, that was just random. eheh..

but yeah, i can and i WILL see you on stage.
then u can get rich and famous and belanja the 4some on world wide trips. hehehe...