Friday, November 25, 2005

Being Malaysian

The great thing about being Malaysian is that you can speak Malaysian English and most English-speaking people from other countries [except Singapore] are not gonna understand half the things you say. Unfortunately, the downside about being Malaysian is sadly the same reason. A lot of Malaysians use Malaysian English [Malenglish] so much that they forget real English. Either that, or they've got Malenglish so embedded in them that they don't accept proper English as....well..proper. So why am I bringing this up? hehe. Selfish reasons, really. Coz' I think I've been "FOUND" by either Max or Nannue [for more information, refer to Nov 7th below] so I quickly scanned through all the posts to make sure I've never said anything too harsh about them. *chuckle* Well, I guess I shouldn't really care too much since it IS, after all, JONI's blog, eh? Eh. Also, it's full of Malenglish, I noticed. So prepare to think , "HUH??". *grin* But all the same, WELCOME to the jonified blog. Comments welcome at all times. *handshake*
Welcome to my abode. It needs filling up and if you can do that, then by all means, go ahead. Hehe. Actually, for the first time, the walls are bare, did you notice? I haven't lived in a bare wall-ed room for a loOong time. I shall have to find time to "fix" these empty white spaces. Real soon,too.


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Jeremy said...

hey your room is so spacious... Jealous giler sial..
All i get is a bed. sigh... :P

arie said...

Eh woman, when in the world has it ever been malenglish? Pls la it's Manglish la wanna educate non malaysians about manglish properly aso kenot haiyohhh they hafta read comments like mine la that totally spasticate the english language then only can learn abit..cheh liddat aso donno...cheik