Monday, November 07, 2005

Girly Wirly Badaboom Weekend.

Fun. As most know, I have long weekends which start Fridays. This particular one started extra early,Thursday night after school, and has been packed [with seemingly a LOT of shopping,strangely]. Now I'm the total opposite from the day before the quiz. SOMEONE PUT ME TO SLEEP,please! See, after class on Thursday night, a bunch of us went to check out this jazz band which turned out to be VERY good. So we stayed till they closed! The lead female singer could play bongos so well!! *jealousness* Then we sent a friend home, and one tayar kena nail. So had to change tires and waste precious beauty sleep there. Friday afternoon I went shopping as soon as I woke up. Checked out an area that's well known for shoppery, but it was outdoors and too hot so ended up in a mini mall. Pet, I got three "basics" for RM10! Ok, sorry, ya then, Susan calls me and asks me to go to a mall with her later that evening, to shop for a nice something that I can wear for the KhunYing event [more on this later]. At first she wanted to find a SUIT. Then we tried this lovely brown/gold top that Pet would probably kill me for. And it was more suitable she thought, then bought. *big grin* Like I said, I'm so blessed a.k.a. spoilt. Yep. Anyway, after that I went out to meet some friends coz' it was my classmate Khyle's 19th birthday. It was hilarious, really. We all went crazy. haha. More details in inlay. Or not. So that was Thursday&Friday. Saturday, I go "Christmas" shopping when I wake up.And shop indeed I did. But nothing Christmassy, I realize now. *searches for camera to take pics of purchases* *fails*. Sigh. Anyway, the foursome would be proud of me if they'd been there. I made decisions so much quicker! haha. Spent way too much, but I'm happy still. *satisfied grin* It's hard to find perfect sizes for me,kayyy. Then I got home, played dress up for a while, then Mario says we're going to Saxophone. Which is another place where the live bands are good, he's been saying. So Saxophone turns out to be alright. It made me wish Darren was here to "show 'em". Coz the drummer was Thai lead singer was real good, though. She looked and sounded like black singer from where we were on the second floor looking down into her Afro. *chuckle* But it was good lah. I met two girls!!! Mario's friends. SO NICE TO TALK TO THEM about lil girly nonsense. Like the cockroach hunt they'd had at home just before getting there to meet us. And we both said at the same time "The FLYING ones are the worst". AHAHhhhaaa. Girls are fun. ny. This night was very relaxed, very slamba, just lepaking together-gether. I declare it was swell. [yes, I seem to be feeling the Christmas spirit these weeks]. Today is Sunday [they don't put the day of these posts,mah]. Decided to visit a Thai church nearby instead. Just for fun since I pass by it pretty often.The service was so long. Max and Nannue [both lecturers at SAE, and both combined together, named themselves SIMPLEX and make electronic music] played live electronic at the Fat Festival today. No I don't know why it's "Fat". It was great, but the setting of the area could have been wayyyy better. The whole concert/festival was pretty weird and split up, it seemed. *shrug* But Simplex did a good job. *clap clap* I think I'm gonna learn how to appreciate trance/house/drum&bass wayyy more these few months. Just a random comment. So yes, after all those dayshoppingsprees and night outs, you see why the blotches/crates on my face are present, and why the bags are being discovered [Yar,Sarah, turns out I DO get bags after all. sighhh] And that pretty much sums up my weekend. Sorta. *grin* How was YOURS?

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