Saturday, November 12, 2005

And the pressure's on!

I was asked to sing at this event where Lady Khun Ying Jaruwan is going to speak. She's some Thai politician who was fired coz she's a Christian. Hm. And of all songs, Mariah Carey's Hero was requested. I mean, nobody pulls off a Mariah Carey as well as only she can. Sheesh. So I gotta practice giler. And change the vocal techniques here and there so I can actually fake it. Plus, I gotta this terrible outfit. Long skirt [which restrains walking space], freaking high heels [which restrains normal walking and makes me nervous that I'm going to fall coz they're new], and Chinese blouse [which makes me feel Auntie], and hair's gonna be up in bun with chopstick [which makes me nervous that that too will fall]. AIYOHHHHhhhhhhh. The alternative would be to find a matching pair of pants and scarf for that new top Susan got me. Which I shall frantically do soon. Either way, I need to be formal. Ok now, on to the main reason why I'm so gafferlunking about the outfit. Coz I'm supposed to get a classmate to help with the miking and video stuff. And obviously I don't want them seeing me look like an Auntie, righhtttt? Right. So like dat lor. hehe.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few days ago these two guys peeked their heads out of a bar outside my house, while I was hailing a cab under the rain. Chubby European middle aged dorks. "Hey, come on inside and have a drink with us..We like you...It's raining anyway, and you're getting wet and it's dry in here...just come on in...but we like you!". *groan* With slight regret, I have to say I was kinda rude to them. I mean, I was nicely dressed up and getting wet, the cab was taking forever, and I was just NOT in the mood to be polite! Anyway, it's irritating when this happens. So they got the response they deserved. I think. arghhh...
Churchy holyschmoly people should just get real. They piss me off majorly. I'm just too lazy to explain what happened. But seriously, they need to just buzz off.
Oh, this fan is in this living room. I think it's darn freaky. Look at the holes. They're huge and totally not child-proof! I'm so scared it's gonna get my fingers or hair one day!! *shiver*

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arie said...

What are you on are too nice to the assholes who try to slimeball you anyway...don't deny it cuz I've seen you first hand! It's an insult that they're trynna put you on the same level as the cheap escorts they should just fix them with withering gazes, put on a fake foreign accent and be all like "Fuhk you, fat man. I am le toureest just like you. Go fuhkagoat. I shall take le picture of you and post on ze internet for your wife and daughtehrrs." *flip hair*