Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to THAT Pulau Langkawi...

(Disclaimer: Memories Ahead)Camporama 2004, Royal Rangers Malaysia.
Selangor Outpost #7 theme: Langkawi IslandWe worked very hard on the decorations, building an Underworld...Life-Sized one, too, don't play-play..Our little leaflets about Langkawi Island for "tourists" were neatly stacked in a beauuutiful hand-painted pigeon house! Details, people, details..The big boys handled The Eagle way up high......while the girls worked hard on ground level..We had a DJ booth that took requests (haha)We even built a real-water-flowing WATERFALL!!!!!The Duty-Free Shop sold handmade souvenirsAnd pointed tourists towards the Le Tour de Langkawi display (a bicycle race) On top of the van is a bicycle monument but you can only see a bit of it in this pic..The hardwork paid off - look at the gorgeous entrance!And all this just to prove that we were indeed the pirates of LangKAwi! *piratevoice*
*Photos by Sonny and Joshua Chan

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