Monday, July 09, 2007

Boo to BKK security; I feel like gibbering.

There's this entertainment place in Bangkok that didn't need ID before, now they insisted on seeing ORIgiNAL PASSPort. Not even ID was accepted.
And I dunno lah, all we wanted was a place to dance, but the whole night was spent on taxi fares going from one place to another because they kept rejecting IDs. I dunno when they got so strict, but it's annoyinggg. gah.

Anyway, I'm happy with my lil purchases last week that included shades, capri pants, hot pink retro top, white dotty shoes , and a few pairs of earrings.
pimp myspace

I was looking for some new lingerie, but the ones I saw weren't too appealing.
pimp myspace

And I don't bother looking for bras in Thailand anyway...

Thai girls + no boobs*= no bras above Cup B sold. pfft.

In other news,
I STILL haven't watched Transformers. and I didn't get to see Alias Grace coz no one wanted/could go with me. boo.
I did have a day and night off, I suppose that should satisfy me. And I did get a pretty good night's rest for once.

An evening at Genting, anyone? ehehhe. I just want to enjoy to weather there.

P.S. Wai Chen can be hilarious at times.

*No offense to any Thai girl intended here.

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