Monday, May 01, 2006

Word Vomit. i not read.

I'd give a lot if they would teach me how to dance freely
and just be me.
I'd breathe easier if they told me that I'm doing it right
and that it's okay to be me.
I mess up. I trip. I stray. I break. under the pressure of it all.
And sometimes when it's too sharp, I just get numb from the fall
Could a kind soul reach into mine,
and put the warmth back inside?
Could they hold this heart ever so gently and nurse it back to life?
Could they search a little more and remove the splinters
cut away the cancer
suck out all the waste
Could they let me be me?
If she'd only see what I've truly become
If he'd only believe in what I could be
If they saw my thoughts spread out, heard it loud,
Would they let me be me?
I know, I know. You don't have to tell me how crap this post is.
I'll probably regret ever typing this by tomorrow.
[another day:yeah, i regretted it.]

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