Friday, May 12, 2006


Meet Miss Veronica. I've described her before,really [see July23rd2005 post].wow.almost a year ago.scary.
Anyway, I thought I'd feature yet another budding photographer. She picked up photography QUITE recently and well, I'm sure she'll be glad to let into her
lilpictureworld. Italy is one big beautiful scene, I'm sure you'll notice. Her black&whites are really nice [click the pic of the baby when u get there]. I'm being random here. I heart Nica. We were "the best". *hands up in air motion* eh,girl? :) [sorry,inside joke] MUAHKKk.

On a different note, today my day was made better when I stumbled upon the admission that I'm an influence to you. I didn't know that. I feel honored. Don't change that list for a while, ok? haha. Thanks.

P.S. And for the record, you're an inspiration. Uh huh. Isn't that scary.

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nica said...

that's absolutely the sweetest thing EVER