Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I don't like it when you press "Stop" in the middle of a song.
I'd rather you turn the volume down slowly THEN stop.
I guess I need a nice conclusion. Or the illusion of one.

My inspiration for this post came from a lyric I just read.

Membuatku terjatuh dan terjatuh lagi
Membuatku merasakan yang t'lah terjadi
Semua yang terbaik dan yang terlewati
Semua yang terhenti tanpa ku akhiri

I liked that last line. A rough translation :

Making me fall and fall again
Making me feel what's past
All the best, and all that's missed
All that's stopped without me ending it.

Like that abrupt feeling I get when you press Stop.
When you don't end what you started in the first place.
The it's-gone-but-something's-still-hanging-somewhere feeling
like a thin silver thread of web. hardly visible, but there.

I really don't have a point in this post.
I'm homesick.
And it's not going away.


Your dearest Pet. said...

hehe.. liking their album, eh?

If you're missing (come on home). =)


theworldhasnothingforher said...

babe... i so understand what you mean... hehe.. =)

and the stuff u write are amazing... seriously...

missin ya... take care...