Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Of food and FUDGE!

shucks la. why should your opinion matter so much.

R: stay this way pls. u really look good like this.

and just like that, i'm looking at the bread and thinking...hmmm, maybe not.

*tummy rumble*

mom: joni, u're disappearing!!!! why couldn't you finish up the food today?

me: it was too much!!!

Jeremy: You've shrunk, like, a lot.

me: Really meh? but i'll probably gain up again very fast la now that i'm getting better..

J: Your waist is like....this small ( |---------| )

me: it is Not! it's just this belt lah...illusion...choose the right cut and all is well! haha

R: damn u look hot

*looks at bread*

maybe not.

In other news, I'm opening an online boutique soon with my friend Fudge!
(yes that's her name, how cool is that, yumyum)

we spent hours thinking of a name, then when we had shortlisted, we spent more time checking if the name was available for both gmail AND the website.

the result?


We'll be launching our boutique with an opening sale!

Ok, you are NOT allowed to say anything about the black&white poster because
a. i did it using MS friggen PAINT okay!!!!
b. because my laptop is still kaput and i had to use the family one which only has MS friggen PAINT.
so there.no complaints.

but if u have some form of boobage (a.k.a. females only),
DO come to the launch, we'll have CNY-promo dresses, skirts,tops, some shoes, belts and girly squeals!
call me if u need directions=)


PEtriNa said...

Yah, i read about it first on Arielle's chatterbox. ahahha...

COOLNESS wei. Hopefully i can fit into the stuff. ehehhe...

joni lynne said...

ya i think you WILL be able to fit into a lot of it coz...we thought of that la=)

plus, for the opening launch, can try the baju since it's at a house!

so come kayyy=)