Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I had a glorious Tuesday.

Oh today was perfectttttt!!!
I was woken up by a familiar voice.
I drove out to have lunch with the familiar voice.
Then I had only One Class to teach. Sweet Meera, easy and very clever student.
We clapped out minims and quavers, and practiced drawing dotted

Then I re-met up with the familiar voice and drove to 1U.
We met two other friends for drinks (teatime!), chatted about T.B. and how antibiotics are badddddddd. Then we split up and ambled off to watch silly movie Bedtime Stories.
Do not watch if you hate Adam Sandler.

A re-meet with one of the teatime friends and off we went for dinner.

I guess what I enjoyed was how the day was stress-free, laughter, easygoing plans, and no obligations..and NO WEIRD MOMENTS! hahahhaha

So here begins MY new year holidays (well, sorta. still have a few more classes)

I'm so excited wei!!!!! =)=)=)

P.S. I owe my blog so many photo updates!!! K, will try to post at least a few shots of each event I've left out. Enjoyyyyyy

WHEW!! that was

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