Friday, June 06, 2008

Waiting on this world

I'm waiting for:
1. my not-so-beloved laptop to come back to me fixed.

2. my a-bit-more-beloved brother to come back so that
- i can use his guitar skills and practice for a gig.

- i can use his mac and record more youtube-worthy vids to post up.
- i can use my precious camera once again to capture every little stupid moment of our lives.
3. my brain to be inspired to write two band songs that need to be finished by this week.
4. a very very beloved piece of blue laminated card to come to me.
5. the mood and a guinea-pig or two for sushi-night.
6. The Green Light to animal consumption.

and now for the sake of photographs to see, I shall proceed to show off my hot friends.(without permission)

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