Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"I think there's something wrong with your daughter"

,said the sister to the mother.
But I don't care. I like being weird and liking weird things.

I also like getting hooked on a nice song until I hear it in my head EVERYWHEREEEE I go.
While I'm showering,
eating ice-cream.
While I'm drying the laundry.
then while I take it in.
While I'm out.
When I'm in.
When I'm on the way to Timbuktu,
and while I'm just throwing stuff in the bin.

And right now, I have one of those songs playing. Actually, it's the videoclip that caught my attention. And the expressions on her face. I thought they were really good.

When I see music videos, I usually OBSERVE what goes on, not just watch. I dunno why lah, but I process info to be kept for "future use". I try to imagine how he/she must have felt as they acted out this scene or whose idea that scene or angle was.

And who came up with the video concept, of course.

I miss my laptop. I wanna post pictures and videos.
I need my planner. omg when did I get dependent on it?! you old fart!
I like your face very much, Ms.Perry.
and I agree with you.

"Comparisons are easily done
Once you've had a taste of perfection..
How do I get better,
once I've had the best..
'cause in yours eyes I'd like to...stay."

Currently Listening To:
Thinking Of You
Katy Perry

1 comment:

PEtriNa said...


The tune was alright.

I was captured by the video.

Only then i grew to love the melody.