Monday, March 26, 2007

Girl, Obstructed.

Lisa had a point. Would you say I am crazy too?
Lisa: There are too many buttons in the world.
Too many buttons...begging to be pressed.
You know, they're just begging to be pressed.

And it makes me really wonder...
Why doesn't anybody ever press mine?

So Susanna pushed it.
It must have hurt.
But I dunno...

Susanna: ...maybe everyone out there is a liar.
And maybe the whole stupid and ignorant.
But I'd rather be in it.
I'd rather be in it...than down here with you.

Sorry I couldn't remove the "than down here with you"
coz I wanted the "I'd rather be in it"..

I feel Lisa. I got her.
I wasn't sure I agreed with Susanna, but it did sound intriguing.
Made me wonder about me. Would I "rather be in it" just 'cause?
Or am I too stubborn to conform. Am I "dead already"?
Do I keep coming back to
Do I need that place to feel alive?
"Why doesn't anybody ever press mine?"
I'm pretty sick of me today.

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joni lynne said...

Yes I know I censored/tweaked the script a lil. Gotta try to keep this blog rated U.