Friday, September 01, 2006

The Indifference Card.

It's sorta like this. There comes a point where I just let things roll by. The sweet, the sour, the stale, the fresh, the raw, the bland. And I'm at that point. Maybe everything is too overwhelming for me to respond. Or maybe I'm just procrastinating the inevitable. *one big shrug* is the way I've been these two weeks. The indifference card is being played. Well, not really. Coz' it's not like I'm not affected by it all; I am but I'm choosing to take deep breaths and smile at life. I'm not emo, honest to goodness. It's just called "blankness", I suppose. Indifference is a little too strong, maybe. It's that slight la-di-da feeling, now and then. And other times, it's just a *blink blink* moment. Or those hours when I just need some air. mmhmm.
Sometimes I'm also tempted to get back into the Tasha madstressexcitedupsetgibberjabber mode. But then I stop myself in time, and wonder what good it would do. I've learnt that one shouldn't assume. I've learnt that one should not catch oneself in shady situations. I've learnt that it's hard for me to not try to explain what's on my heart and at the same time, it's hard to try to explain it.
Yup. So there we go. An uninteresting post, to say the least. I don't even have pictures to post up because I haven't gotten them from Pet/Sarah/Gene/whoever else. Erheh sorry.

p.s. did u notice my pathetic attempt at making this post at least "colorful" to look at?hahahahha. I figured it's the least I can do.Lol.*rolls eyes at self*


JohnQ said...

hey man I have not talk to you in forever! Everyone needs a joni in there lifes but i dont have one naymore! sadness! haha Well I just started school again not too long ago I am doing ap bio and it is killing me! We are having another youth concert soon it should be good. Jc and momo just got baptised! on sunday...Well I will be praying I dont really know what for but know that you are in my prayers! have fun! God bless!

Bern_bern said...

Hei Joni, you heard you friend JOhn...he sure is right that everyone needs a 'joni' in their lives..and dont worry John, you'll have her back soon..then, there'll be sadness here..hehehe;)But anyway, as long as everyone loves Joni!

*jonified* said...

awwww..thanks yall..jj yes oh my goodness i havent talked to u in yonks!but that's coz my computer is down so i cant get online much.yeah i heard momo got baptised but i didn't know jc was too,that's cool!we shall chat online as soon as i get the computer yeah!! love y'all :):)