Thursday, September 14, 2006

Have you looked up the word "Semangat"?

So there we were getting a loonnnggg briefing about the dangers and safety precautions of paintball since a grand total of about TWO in our group had played it before. But we had an awesome bunch of characters with us. It was superb. And a tad violent. hehehehehehhehehe.

Jeremy was upset that I'd shot Sarah..

Sam was glad I'd made some useful shots...while he preened and primped himself.... Daniel Yong tried to be a pimp...but Pet had to show him how it's done..

I was upset that I didn't get any battlescars as proof that I played hard too!!! POTONG!!


Bern_bern said...

Nice touch on all the pics..especially the one you edited. It sure was an experience, not being able to see and shooting blindly. But you're still the champion of our team, being the last man standing. You fought with all your might and nobody else could attack you. Cheers to a brave soldier!hehehe;)But kesian those you inflicted...hhmm..

Jeremy said...

Hey.. u're not the only one without battle scars.. hehehe..
What can I say.. "We're invisible.."

*jonified* said...

i didnt edit any pics. simply pau from pet actually ahahhah..and *HIGH FIVE* jer!! lol.what to do.if u good,u good.