Sunday, March 19, 2006

Into the North

"Oh that's a pretty color.." she thought to herself as the scenery whizzed past the car window. She took it all in silently in the backseat. "Cow..big tree..lil' tree..cow..paddy cow-calf aww...corn field..camel..cow.....wait,CAMEL???" But there it was right smack in the middle of nowhere-near-a-zoo-and-in-the-wrong-country. Strange. She was on her way to Cambodia for a regular visa run. Except she'd never done it in AngkorWat's resident country before. But she was glad she'd get a Cambodian stamp on her passport. It would be the fifth country she'd ever visited. Fifth. Ah well, 'tis okay. After, she's only twenty. Plenty of time to explore the rest of the world once she's got her....ahem...accounts secured?
Darrel recently visited Cambodia and I saw the beautiful pictures he took. SO a tiny fraction of me ridiculously expected to see at least some greenery or old historic-looking houses when I stepped into the country. Instead, a bleak desert-like red-sanded wide-road-to-nothingness greeted me. Oh, and some horny men who'd obviously not seen a city girl in shocking pink in a long while. Living on Nana Street, though, has trained me to keep the im-calm-and-not-bothered-by-u-but-come-closer-and-it'll-be-a-different-story look.hehe.
Fifteen minutes, 300 Baht, and two more horny men later, I was back in Thailand. Hm. So much for historical-anythings. All I saw was a random casino and red sand. Never judge a country by its...border? Because Darrel's pics were so different! [i actually have ONE picture of me there but cam battery's gone so can't load it.]
One thing I noticed on the Thai side, though [apart from the camel!], is that God rocks at shaping trees. Yep, you heard me. Trees. I wish I could have stopped and taken pics of all the cool trees I saw! One particular kind were/was so heavy with these DEEP RED flowers. They looked so LUSH. And totally out of place in the bone-dry fields. [It's summer now.]

[Do imagine a picture of a signboard that says "Surin Country Lodge", coz it's supposed to be here but won't load right now]

That's where we headed next. It's about an hour from Cambodia's border and belongs to Un.Paul the guy who houses me. The various flowers and orchids he has there! I mean, just the bunga tahi ayam [b.t.a.] alone was impressive okay. Who thought b.t.a. could come in such brightness and variety. Lol. And it was in this timely hour that the camera battery made its way to Panasonic heaven. *shakes fists* Just in time to miss the white duckies, baby buffalo [baby buffalo=buffet?], and omg the CATFISH!! Some fishfood was called in to show me the fish and I was like,"'s just fish right,so what's the deal?" But when the first fish came up, my reaction was a Kodak moment, I assure you. The fish were FREAKICIOUSLY HUGE! We're talking longer than my arm catfish,okay! Each mouth could easily swallow a baby's head. [*blink* rather morbid thought, now innit?Sorry.] And there was a LOT of 'em,too.
Waitlah, I shall definitely go back there one day and load up on pictures. Although all we have are manual cameras and one Kodak digital which isn't too cool. Not that I know much about photography anyway.

So everybody now together "Dont stop, get it, get it..we are your captains in it..steady,watch me navigate,hahahaha..."


Arie said...

Your prose writing is getting better =D

*jonified* said...

a compliment from the writing-queen herself!