Monday, October 29, 2012

Did makeup for Levi's GoForth campaign shoot!

Last week I was pretty busy with this shoot + a jazzyfunky gig I performed at Nerofico on Saturday night. Whew!! Crazy weekend it was.

Levi's had 10 talents to shoot within 3 days, at very different locations. The Spacemen were shooting photos, while Red Room Productions was shooting Behind The Scenes video footage. All round it was a really fun campaign since I have known the Red Room guys since we were entering our teens and I also know Joshua Chay from The Spacemen since.....maybe 7 years ago? wow what?

ANYHOO, the chosen ones for the shoot included artiste Darren Ashley (coincidentally my brother haha) and Pastel Lite, cool hijab fashionista Ami Schaheera, funnyman Kuah Jenhan, photographer Vincent Paul Young, artists Nini Marini and James Ly, Fikri Fadzil, the men from myBurgerLab, and Michelle Lee.
Anddddd here are some of the behind the scenes photos from the shoot!

Darren Ashley - crazy talented musical geeneeuss!

musical indie duo Pastel Lite 

 Fashionista blogger with the cool hijabs Ami Schaheera 

 James Ly, artist

 Sweet Michelle Lim or Froya 

 Owners of myBurgerLab in Paramount Garden, yummy burgers

Comedian Kuah Jenhan

Photographer Vincent Paul Yong 

Sexy lady artist Nini Marini

Yup and that's what went down last week for Levi's campaign shoot! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the final shots by The Spacemen!


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