Wednesday, February 10, 2010

carnalities of the night

a jealousy for your talent.
mental exhaustion for the week.
a digging deeper into the very being of me for the best there is.
your heartache brings me heartache,
but your sting is much much stronger,
a silent murderous poison,
there's a need to let go.
such a waste you weren't seeing things clearly
such an inequity is hard to forget, but He's real and He can,
there's a need to let go.
the only thing consistent is your chaos,
its perpetuality like a raging war
of good and bad and bad is strong
like venom running deep into the veins,
like a swelling tongue plugging out breath,
like ten thousand bamboo needles embedded into the skin
there's a need to let go.

a desperate need to let go.

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