Saturday, April 04, 2009

Answer: You blog about it wistfully

Question: What happens when you own an online boutique but don't allow yourself to buy stuff from it?

I was just updating the old posts statuses and realized I still want some of these things! ahahha

This one felt sooo niceeee..sold out.
This one fun but only got two left..
I love this jacket laaaaa, if no one buys it soon I think I'll steal it.

This one slightly too big for me, bummer..
I like this too but where would I wear it to eh?I'm not as happening as I used to be..*drama song and pose* haha

I like halter-ed tops la..and I like the feel and design of this..

I want the black and red. so basic and convenient and necessary! ahah i sound like an ad on my own.


PEtriNa said...

I really like the jacket also!

Anonymous said...

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