Monday, October 13, 2008

Kadus Oct '08

The terribly positive Finnish hairstylist (who has his own hairstyling tv show in Finland!) thinks the bleach on my hair went well...

But oh good Lord, look at it! *gag*

a worried Joni.
So basically, during the casting day, if you're chosen, you usually spend that first day getting your hair "prepared" aka bleached,colored,permed,trimmed, etc..
..for the next day's seminar where hairstylists across KL will come watch as your hair is massacred..snip by snip..
(ok, really, it's not that drastic usually, im just using ...poetic license?hee)
This is us before the seminar began.

and this is Keshia getting her hair upstyled..

This is me feeling very worried when I walked in the next day and was told "hm..Joni...we're gonna need to go a lil shorter than planned...."

The Last "Before" Shot.

Keshia's quirky upstyle. She looked like a Greek goddess in her dress+hairstyle+makeup

The usual suspect Su Yi aka Jynn..
Ok, so for those who are wondering how it works...
We sit.
He cuts.
They watch.
Like so.

We do it for the money. and the professional products.
so are you ready are you ready are you ready?




oh and in between models, the rest of us just sit and wait, and I was really sleepy so this was my bed backstage for a while..

*deletes part where Joni nodded off for a second onstage while her hair is being cut and everyone notices and laughs and hairstylist is amused and the whole thing is pointed out just in case anyone else missed the moment*

*inserts abstract picture instead*
oh and at first I was trying to guess if either one of these two styles were gonna be mine..they're both his works, so I figured maybe he was gonna show them how-to lah..

But I guess it was neither

so there.


Jeanette said...

very very cute cut!

joni lynne said...

thankiu!=) which jeanette is this,tho? jeanette sung or sarah's jean?