Monday, July 14, 2008

Skye & Ray get hitched

Skye tasting her cake. so cute la.She had a rockchick bride look.

ahahhahahhaha Ps.Mark cheekily came halfway across the room to take this shot with handsomeboy.
(he was poking fun at the girls who were nearly lining up to take pics with him)

The sweet and simple backdrop..I like!*click collages to enlarge*


Sarah and the
Cake, Bride, Tattoo.
Of course we needed drama, so Tammy fell down some stairs, her legs bled..
Everyone felt sorry for her..
(Sin Yee! ahahahahahaha)

Then we had to get the first aid kit and ...
Sarah was happy to practice her Best Ranger Of The Year first aid skills...
(she poured dettol like...All. Over.) it was hilarious.
Then Jason decided to be kind and took the wheelchair out for the lame..

Then Tammy felt extra embarassed coz we were all just...kinda....staring.
And that was Skye/Ray's wedding dinner.

Up Next:Justin (Timberlake) and Allison!

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