Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A political article (rhyme intended)

I've been learning/studying/eating/sleeping/breathing issues of society this past month. Reading up on different subjects from censorship to copyrights to song publishing and royalties. It's been quite quite hectic. But I've learned a lot, no doubt. Take the fact that the government needs a better media representative to inform us of their decisions, for example.

I've also learned some practical things.
Like how the media can be used to influence the public opinion. And how the English language can be used to win over or deter. And how these days we the people are trying much harder to get our points of view across to the government, to the church, to the leader, to the mother, to the child, and anyone-else-I've-left-out-whether-intentionally-or-absentmindedly.

And then, of course, there's the response that we get after voicing out from the aforesaid parties. We all take things in differently. For example, let's say I titled this post "I like the Oois.", and inserted a picture like this one :

...and ended the post just like that. Without having said much, I "the media" can rest assured that many will have their views and opinions on the subject and some will voice it out.

Which brings me to the next point : We all have the right to have our say in matters. That's not to say that our point of view is
significant or relevant, of course, it's all subjective.www.myspace.com/contacttables *oh-so-intellectual face* Anyway, in a quick conclusion due to time constraints of the writer, it is with much relief that she says, " I'm learning. I'm happy. It's all good." mUuah.www.myspace.com/contacttables

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Bern_bern said...

What a clever sophisicated political article. You're right indeed! Everything is subjective. Everybody has diff opinions and point of views for everything anywhere anytime. It's good you're learning so much and i'm glad you're HAPPY! For my opinion on this post's title..hmmm..hehehe..nothing la,i'm jst playing along..haha!