Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can JamieFoxx sing?

I know, I've been wondering what on earth to get for me that I would actually appreciate.. So i thought i'd help u out. You can't go wrong with :
- white wine
- interesting music [in mP3 format if possible, if not, any format will do]

- dvd to bring back to bangkok and watch when im "bored" [eg. gubra, cinta, girl-interrupted]
- wireless router hahahahhaha

- Maxis credit [or One-2-Call credit]

- lip gloss [glitter-less]

- lingerie

- waterproof mascara
- hugs
- homecooked food [i'm a rather willing guinea-pig since i couldn't cook to save my life]
- pictures of me that i've never seen before [*ahem* to josh chan]

- willywonka's yummies
- white wine
- bronze/white/gold belt

- cheesecake
- digital camera or your skills in taking pictures for me
- a trip to either a.No Black Tie,b.Luna, c.BangkokJazz, d.Alexis, e.thathartamascheesecakeplace

I'm getting lazy to think up more stuff. So i shall add to this as they come to me during the week lah..
Foursome, you are NOT supposed to use this list, it's not allowed.

"..and this christmas will be ..a very special christmassssss..."
*muak* *prancedance*


JohnQ said...

hey you!
Well white wine sounds good but I like red better...Not that I have really had anymore then a sip now and then. hmmm also. HAHA lingire!
Who do you want that from sponge Bob...Joking Joking...But really. haha I am having fun with this. I needed a good laugh. Oh and how much is a wireless router anyway?

*jonified* said...

JOHN QUINLEY THE THIRD did u really have to say thattt in writing..?!!?hhahahaha..i have no idea what a wireless router costs..probably pretty expensive, so it was a joke.

JohnQ said...

nope cant make it go away! Well tryed. hehe...:)

Glaring Notebook said...

Come to No Black Tie! It's the shiznit. Saw Rozhan play bass for Shelley and Az Samad on Wednesday (they'll do it again this 17th.)