Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nice? I made this for Arielle the butterfly queen a long time ago. Painstakingly cut each little hole with a penknife, trying hard not to slice the wrong sections and ruin the white card paper. I like the result. So far, being home has been a big mess of ups and downs. Put them together and I guess you'd get an equal ratio. Which I suppose is good. There ARE a lot of nice things going on. And it IS after all only my first week here. Wow. One week already huh. Gotta get moving and do all I wanna do here.


ahhhahahah. buttaaaa.. i just wanted to put your name there for fun. Stress ar? ekekekekekkekeekekke.

I'm waiting on the pictures we've taken so far, before I can nicely update you on what I've been up to.Visuals are important. hehe. Oh look what I found! I'd never seen these pictures before until yesterday when i received a cd containing a big bunch from Arielle. thanks MUAKKKK doll!!

This was Christmas '05 at Grace P.J. Oh yeah, I just discovered that PetalingJaya is officially a city on its own now. YAY, that makes it a lot easier to describe to foreigners.

This was also in Dec '05 when the foursome had our reunion at The Curve with the firetruck ahahaha. Oh, and as you should know by now, that's Pet [or Petrina]. She should be here with me ber-holidaying now!! But she's having fun in Aussie and NZ later with Arielle, so nevermind lah. At least we had our Penang trip. Which was really fun, eh Pet? lol. *liCk*


arie said...

Sigh..gone are the home schooling days when you had so much time on yr hands...hehe. I really liked the bflye. Damn chun to haf Joni as a guardian angel

Paul Tan said...

both of you have nice smiles.