Monday, January 30, 2006

Do YOU have a tripod?

If I were a digital camera [I'll be a Nikon, please], these three would be my tripod. A good tripod keeps the camera steady so it doesn't ruin pictures or make them blurry even when shaky hands handle it. No matter what kind of handling a camera goes through in its life, when it's put on its tripod, it's way steadier. Another fact about the tripod is that it has three legs. Duh. If ever one of these legs were to drop out or bend, the camera would lose its steadiness. The camera, in order to produce the best pictures, needs the tripod's steadiness. I love my tripod. And I'm grateful for their help in keeping me steady. *MUAK* *lick* [for pet, don't worry,sarah] *chuckle*

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Bern_bern said...

I just love the idea of 'tripod' as a way of describing your friends. It's really true that friends help to balance life.Am sure they're honored to be YOUR tripod. Wish more of us had tripods to keep us balanced. GREAT IDEA! love it